Sabtu, 19 Juli 2014


Every evening my dog Charlotte likes to go out in our fenced backyard to play (and go for a bathroom break).  She is typically outside maybe 10 minutes before she is back at the door asking to come back in.  Tonight when she asked to go outside I thought nothing of it,as I opened the door, turned the outside light on and went back to watching my not very interesting television show.
A good 20 minutes go by before I realize that Charlotte has been outside a lot longer than normal so I go to the door and call for her.
I call again, this time clapping my hands to get her attention.
Nothing, not even the jangle of her name tag against the collar.
I think that she must be doing something in the back of the yard and is so preoccupied that she doesn't hear me so I go inside for the industrial strength flashlight (I thought B was crazy to spend $100 on a flashlight, but this thing WORKS). 
After thoroughly inspecting the yard and all the bushes it became apparent that my dog was no longer in the back yard, even though both gates were closed and the fence is still intact.
At this point I am starting to panic.  It is evening, the time when predators come out looking for their dinner.  She is not a super small dog, but I could see her being a tasty meal for something that lives in the Georgia woods (a Walker, perhaps?)
What if she got out of the yard, was hit by a car and was now suffering on the side of the road somewhere?
The gates do not lock, what if someone decided they wanted little Charlotte for themselves? (she is super cute after all)
What if I was going crazy and didn't let her outside in the first place?
I ran in the house and checked the last item off the list, she was no where to be found. 
I open the front door with the intent of canvasing the entire neighborhood in search of her, when something runs past my feet.  At first I think it was the cat trying to go outside, when I get a better glimpse of the white blur running past me.  Charlotte!  Never have I been so happy to see her :)

What dog escapes the backyard, only to gain the freedom of the front porch? Mine, apparently.

Rabu, 02 April 2014

Di Korsel, Samsung Galaxy S5 Jadi Best Seller

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 laris manis di negara asalnya, Korea Selatan. Penjualan smartphone Galaxy S5 di negara tersebut memang lebih awal dari yang diperkirakan, yakni pada 27 Maret lalu oleh operator SK Telecom yang kemudian akan disusul oleh operator KT dan LG U+.

Berdasarkan informasi yang dihimpun oleh Yonhap News, smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5 ini terjual lebih dari 7.000 unit setiap harinya di Korea Selatan. Larisnya penjualan Galaxy S5 di negara asalnya tersebut, diperkirakan penjualan Galaxy S5 akan mencapai 1 juta unit dalam waktu kurang dari 5 bulan di Korea Selatan.

Meski angka penjualan Galaxy S5 ini terlihat besar, tetapi ini sebenarnya lebih sedikit dari penjualan yang dihasilkan oleh pendahulunya. Samsung Galaxy S4 terjual 8.000 unit setiap hari dan Galaxy S4 LTE-A terjual 10.000 unit setiap harinya di Korea Selatan.

Namun media Korea Selatan mengatakan bahwa penjualan Galaxy S5 ini luar biasa karena angka 7.000 unit setiap hari ini hanya dari operator SK Telecom saja. Sedangkan dua operator lain, KT dan LG U+ belum diizinkan untuk menjual smartphone Galaxy S5 oleh pihak berwenang di negara tersebut.

Harga yang ditawarkan oleh Samsung Galaxy S5 di Korea Selatan adalah $820 atau sekitar Rp 9,4 juta, sedikit lebih rendah dari harga peluncuran smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 tahun lalu, yakni $850 atau Rp 9,7 juta.

Samsung Galaxy S5 dilengkapi layar berukuran 5,1 inci dengan resolusi full HD 1080p atau 1920 x 1080 piksel berteknologi Super AMOLED yang dilindungi oleh lapisan antigores Gorilla Glass 3. Galaxy S5 menggunakan sistem operasi Android 4.4.2 KitKat dengan antarmuka TouchWiz versi baru.

Seperti yang dilansir dari Phone Arena (01/04/2014), Samsung Galaxy S5 dibekali kamera belakang 16 megapiksel dengan menggunakan sensor berteknologi ISOCELL yang mampu meningkatkan kualitas hasil jepretan secara signifikan dan didukung kemampuan merekam video 4K @30fps. Samsung Galaxy S5 disokong baterai berkapasitas 2800mAh.